How to make Hair Conditioner yourself at home.


In this article I am going to show you how to make Hair Conditioner yourself at home.

Interested right? Keep reading. So easy to make.

All you need is the ingredients listed below: 

Paraffin oil  1litre

Laneth wax       1/2kg

Stearic Acid    1/2kg

Propylene dycol   1/2 litre 

Cethyl alcohol  1/2kg

Diquat-A                 1/2litre

Perfume          as desired

Colour              as desired

Hot water          25litres

You will also need the following:

- A big pan

- Fire (stove)


The first thing you need to do is to put a pan on fire and  add the paraffin oil to the pan on fire. After doing this you can now  add the lannex wax to it, add the cetyl alcohol, add the Stearic acid, add the propylene dycol, add the diquat-A, add the 25litres hot water,  add your colour as desired.

After you must have done this, take the pan of fire and make sure you add perfume as desired then allow it cool before you pour into container

It is ready! Easy right? 😉 Feel free to check out more free tutorials here. We have posted a lot.