Very Easy Tutorial: How to make Perfume at home

 Very Easy Tutorial: How to make Perfume at home: Are you tired of spending huge Money on Perfume and you are still not satisfied with it? Make it yourself now. This  perfume you are about to learn is what you will love and it is long lasting. Use this perfume to keep you fresh all day long. Yes! You are going to learn how to make it yourself now. If you pass ehn, people will just be happy you passed and They will just be asking you for the name of your perfume 😉. You can even make it and start distributing 😁. You can use container of your choice.  

In this tutorial I will show you how to make CITRUS HOMEMADE PERFUME

Let's get  started: 

To Make your own perfume, you will need the following: 

Get Small glass container for blending the perfume

Dark glass container for storing the perfume

Pretty glass perfume bottle to keep perfume in

1 tablespoon jojoba oil

2 tablespoons pure grain alcohol (ethanol) or vodka

30 drops of essential oil. We used sweet orange, grapefruit, peppermint and a lavender/chamomile blend.

1 tablespoon distilled water

Kindly note that  It is important to use glass, not plastic, when mixing the perfume as the essential oils will eat through the plastic.

Now, let's move to the step by step explanatory procedures: 

The first thing you need to do is to Start by adding the jojoba oil to the glass container. Then add the alcohol.

After doing that, Add the essential oils in the following order:

Base Note – 10 drops of grapefruit

Middle Note – 10 drops of sweet orange and then 5 drops of peppermint

Top Note – 5 drops of chamomile/lavender blend. If you don’t have a blend, then just use lavender.

Step 3

Add distilled water with a dropper.

Step 4

Mix well and transfer to a dark glass container to store for 48 hours or up to six weeks.

You need to know that the longer it sits the stronger the scent will be.

 if you know that you can't be patient or can't wait (or just short on time) try a perfume made by mixing essential oils with a carrier oil.

Step 5

Transfer to a pretty perfume bottle after it has reached the desired scent

Notes: 1. you can double the measurements to get your desire quantity.

2. To have a long lasting scent, let it stay in the dark glass for at. Least 6 weeks.

Glad you learnt something today