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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Itching in private part solution

 Today's article is on Itching in Private Parts. I am going to expose you to things you don't know. This problem is very common. Both men and women experience it. Itching in private part can be very uncomfortable. You won't be able to go out because you will be scared of scratching in public. And when you have this, you will always be tempted to scratch. 

Solution: make sure you always take a shower daily,  don’t wash or scrub your private parts excessively as this can affect it the more.

As a lady, when you are on your period, always Make sure you Change menstrual pads frequently to prevent itching.

Do not use soap to wash your vagina. Don't! 

Another important thing is that you should try as much as possible avoid toilet paper, bubble bath and laundry detergent that have fragrances in them. 

A very effective home remedy you can use is Coconut. And again When coconut oil is taken internally it  helps  to boost the immune system.

You should Consume 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily by adding it to your salad, soup or use it for cooking. 

Very important: try sleeping without wearing underwear or only wear cotton underwear which will allow your private part to breathe well. 

Maintain good hygiene ❤️