How to identify Fake Vs Real Titus Fish (TITUS VS KAMPALA)

 Yes!!!! In today's tutorial I will show you how to identity a fake and real Titus fish. 

A lot of people don't know how to identity the real fish. And some sellers are not helping. They will tell you it is the real Titus fish that they don't sell fake but when you get home and cook it ehn😂😂 You will see that it is fake. The fake is so different from the real fish. Even the taste. Tasteless and bone filled fish!

After buying and cooking it you will remember how the woman lied to you that it is original. 

Worry no more dear! Let me show you how to identify original so you don’t get deceived anymore.

It was called fake because  anything that doesn’t looks original is fake.

You need to know that the  real Titus is shinny at the sides as unlike the Fake (Kampala) that one has dots at the side.

The  real titus has smaller head even too small for the bodysize compared to Kampala.

It always have smaller eyes than Kampala.

Another thing is that the lines or stripes of real are always dark and bold and shiny whereas Kampala isn’t, and is rather Filled with spots.

Again, once you cut the two open, the inside of real has a one bone. Kampala has several or too many bones and you have to remove them one after the other before you can eat

The  real one has a whitish inner, Kampala has a darkish inner.

 Real titus is more oily than Kampala. 

Finally, Titus tastes very sweet and it gives your food a nice taste.