One of the food that take long time to cook is 

Beans as we all know. This has made a lot of

 people look for ways like shortcuts to cook

 their beans fast. As a result people now add

 things that are Harmful to their health just

 to Make the beans cook fast. They have been

 doing it because they don't know the side

 effect of adding those things. 

     You should cook your beans the normal way even if it takes time. By doing so, you will be free from harmful things that can damage your health. 

     I  am sure you are wondering what people are adding to beans that is harmful. One of it is potash. People now add it to beans just to make it soft and get done fast. Some even add it in large quantity. If you are guilty of this you need to stop doing that. It can damage your liver which is one of the vital organs of the body. 

      These wrong methods of cooking have caused many people to lose their lives, and some are having one medical problem or the other. 

      I am sure you are wondering what you should do instead incase you are in a hurry or need to eat soon. If you have it in mind that you will eat beans the next day or in the evening or afternoon you can start cooking it very early. 

     Another thing you can do is to make use of a pressure pot in cooking your meal. This makes it cook faster and saves your energy and time. 

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