Don’t K!ll Any Cockroach Ever Again! (See Why)

If you have ever killed cockroach or you know someone that has ever killed it. Read this! Let me open your eyes to the truth 


Don’t K!ll Any Cockroach Ever Again! (See Why)

     Looking at the caption again? Yes you just read that. I am going to show you why.

       I know a lot of us have seen cockroach at home before maybe in the kitchen, passage or anywhere. When you see it, the first thing that comes to most people's mind is to kill it which is why they look for slippers, stick or other things just to deal with it. Some don't even allow it to escape. Once they see it they must surely kill it. 

      What you don't know is that Killing it the way you just did is not the best solution as what you have just done will not reduce their population. How many will you kill? Do you know where others are? If they are up to 50, can you kill them once by chasing it with slippers? 

        I am sure you are wondering what you should do instead. You should Cut Their food supply. This is what gives them power. 

You need to know that before they can survive, they need food and they can feed on almost anything. If you want to get rid of them completely then you should  ensure their food supply is entirely cut out by looking for food crumbs around your house and make sure they are swept, bagged and properly disposed. If you do this, you won't see them again. 

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