Cockroaches will die itself if you do this:

 Cockroaches will die itself if you do this: 

A lot of people are tired of seeing cockroach everywhere around them . Some have even taken notes of popular places where they see cockroaches in their home daily and they have kept broom and slippers there ready to kill them. don't have to stress yourself dear. I will show you a simple thing you will do yourself and you will just see that the  cockroach are dead. 

What you need is bay leaves! 

Surprised right? They work very fast. 

They are very powerful and can help you to get rid of cockroaches. 


All you need to do is to distribute bay leaves all around the house and many other places where you always see cockroaches or where you don't want them. 

For an extra protection, feel free to burn the leaves in order to feel the strong natural smell of bay leaves all around the house.

Since the chemicals we often use to destroy cockroaches are highly harmful, make sure you try this natural method and get the same, or even better, effects in a completely natural way!

Glad you learnt something today. Feel free to check other home remedies. We have posted a lot