Body 0dour In Kids and teenagers: A must read for all

 Body 0dour In Kids and teenagers: A must read for all

Nowadays, we often notice that we perceive body odour from kids and teenagers. 

Typically, body 0d0ur can begin to develop as early as 7 years old in girls, and 9 years old in boys.

This article will really show you what to do to prevent that odour. 

As a parent Kindly Make sure that your kids bathe twice daily with plain soaps appropriate for kids with body sponge.

And as a teenager make  sure you bathe twice daily too. 

You should also prevent them from wearing repeated clothes. Some of these kids/teenagers after playing, engaging in sports, playing with friends, playing football some of these kids don't give the clothes to their parents and some of the teenagers don't wash it. They mix it with other clothes in their wardrobes and keep on wearing it as if it is not dirty. Some deliberately wear it many times for days without washing.  After playing and sweating and they still keep on repeating such clothes. These can cause body odour. Take note of this please. 

Kindly make sure that their clothes are washed frequently to avoid bacterial

Another thing you can do is to Try baby powder on their armpits after bathe. It can keep the pits dry and prevent smell too.

If you notice that the baby powder is not enough for them, feel free to buy Buy deodorant for them but before you buy that deodorant, kindly make sure that  is an age-appropriate deodorant. This is very important. 

For those that don't want deodorant but prefer natural home remedies, then you should to scrub their armpits once or twice a week with Lemon, lime etc.

Glad you learnt something today. Feel free to check out other home remedies that we have posted