The right way to cook yam


Yam peels! Yam peels!! Yam peels! 

We must have eaten yam or seen people peel yam. One of the mistakes people make is peeling the yam and cooking it without it peels. Yam is being cooked without it peels because people don't know the benefits of cooking yam with it peels. Apart from that, people sometimes tend to follow what they see  or tend to follow who they look up to. For instance, if you learnt how to cook or you have been seeing someone cook or even people cook without cooking the peels with the yam you might just think that is the right thing to do, so when you want to cook your own yam you will follow what you saw or what you were taught. 

I am here to tell you today that cooking yam with its peels has a lot of benefits. Let's do it this way, have you seen where goat is given yam and its peels? If you have seen it, continue reading I want to show you something o but if you have not seen it you need to continue reading too and you also need to try it or see it. 

If you give goat yam and its peels, what will the yam do? The goat will leave your yam and run to where the peel is. Yes, I am serious about this. You can try it too. Goat will leave the yam and prefer the peels. Goat will eat it with joy

Now, Incase you have not been told about the benefits of yam peels, I will tell you now. Before I tell you the Benefits. Those that saw our forefathers Cook or our mothers cook, they will bear witness to this. When our forefathers were cooking, did you notice that they always cook yam with its peels? 

They won't peel the skin until when they finish cooking.

What you don't know is that the peel of yam that you are always quick to throw away contains proteins and vitamin B Complex. Yes, and it has soluble fibre that absorbs sugar inside the yam.

 So, when you cook your yam, cook it with the peels and  you peel off the skin before eating. 

And another good thing is that when you cook your yam with the peel it will help you a lot, it will not increase  blood sugar level.

I hope you learnt a lot dear. 

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