Face washing mistakes you never knew you were making

 Face washing mistakes you never knew you were making 

 In today's post, I am going to expose you to some things you do to your face everyday without even knowing they are wrong. There are some things we do and we do not see anything wrong in it because we are not aware that there might be any side effects or we might not be aware that we are doing the wrong thing.

Sometimes we do it because we have seen people doing the same thing and we just see it as a good thing. 

For instance, sleeping with makeup. Imagine staying with people who don't even know that sleeping with makeup is bad, you wont also know that it is bad unless you are told or maybe you read about iit. After using foundation, concealer, drawing your brows and many more and you still go back to bed to sleep with all those stuffs. Okay, let's do it this way. How do you feel when you sleep with makeup for days? And how do you feel when you don't sleep with makeup? Have you ever checked your face to see the changes? 

Stop sleeping with makeup please. Make sure you wash your face before going to bed. Taking Makeup to bed can age your face faster than you can ever think of. You need to remove both your eye makeup and foundation before washing your face at night. 

Another thing you need to stop doing is using a sponge or applying too much pressure on your face. If you have been doing that, you really need to stop doing it. Don't use sponge on your face and stop putting too much pressure on your face when you are washing it. 

Incase you are not aware, i want to inform you now that doing this can damage your skin. Doing this can also lead to redness and dryness and many more! 

Then another thing you need to stop: Stop using a stained or dirty towel to clean your Face. If you want to clean your face, always use a clean towel. 

Some people can't even remember the last time they washed their towel and they want to use that Same towel to clean face? Oh no! Please, stop it if you have been doing that.

Lol...some people don't like buying white towel because the stain will be obvious if they don't wash it when it is dirty or when it gets stained while some don't like it for many other reasons and some prefer using white towel.

And wait, do you want to use the same towel you use to rub your bum or feet to clean your beautiful face again? 

No, don't do that. Your face and your skin is very precious and you need to take good care of it. Remember that your skin is your what? Your pride! 

My skin my pride

My skin my joy

So take good care of your skin.

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