How to prevent bad odour when you are on your period

How to prevent bad odour when you are on your period:

Blood during period in ladies comes with a little Odour. A lot of ladies experience odour when they are on their period which makes them worry.

To prevent this odour during your period, you need to take note of the following: 

When you are on your period, make sure you change your pad at least every four hours. You can take note of the time you wore it, take note of the last time you changed it. You can also set alarm to remind you. Wearing pad for too long without changing it causes bad Odour. 

If you have been wondering why you have bad odour especially during your period then you should think of your pad. 

Change it every four hours and you will surprised that the odour has gone. 

To prevent Odour during your period, try to wash your vulva  twice a day and please, don't use soap.  Don't use spray and perfume. 

And if you notice that you always sweat during your period, try to wear underwear made of natural fabrics.

Hope you learnt something today. 

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