How to make Hair growth oil and how to grow your hair very fast


Grow your hair

How to make Hair growth oil and how to grow your hair very fast:

If you have been looking for oil you can use on your hair to make it long then you need to try this home remedy. This is something you can do at home. 

 Looking for how to grow your hair can make you spend a lot ehn. You will just be moving from one product to the other. I have a friend that was always worried about her hair before she finally got the solution. She bought a lot of things to use to the extent that she got fed up. She decided to get one product one day because of  the pictures used to advertise. You know all these before and after now. It will quickly persuade you to buy the product. There are some creams that can actually make your hair grow if you get the right product. 

Back to my story, she was about to pay the seller o, so that they can deliver the product only for her to check the seller's profile. Guess what she saw? The seller has been using the product for more than 5 years and even her hair needs attention. She was surprised ehn. That was how she didn't buy the product o. 

Trust me, there are product that can assist you in achieving your desired hair length but  some ended up buying the wrong products.

 I am going to show you How to make this hair growth oil that is really working. This is something you can do at home. You need to buy the following: 

Coconut oil

Aloevera plant and 

Onion juice

Now, let's move to the step by step procedures on how to Make your hair growth oil.

The first thing you need to do is to wash the Aloevera plant you bought and slice into pieces after washing it.

Then, add a cup of coconut oil to a pan you have at home and add the Aloevera plant you cut into pieces.

The next step is to place it on a low heat and heat it for 4- 6 minutes. Do this till you see that  the colour of the Aloevera has changed.

The next thing to do is to extract the juice from the onion and make sure you combine the oil to the juice.

After doing this, you can now use your oil and start seeing wonders. Let me also post how to use the  oil so that you wont use it  the wrong way.

How to use it? 

Apply it to the strand and scalp of your hair. 

How long should this stay? From 43-45 minutes. You can also leave it for minutes more than that. Some people prefer it to stay long so that their hair can absorb the oil well. 

Then wash it off with shampoo And  apply your leave in conditioner.

Hope you learnt something today.

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