How to cure bad breathe permanently


Bad breath can be embarrassing and can cause anxiety. People with bad breathe often buy gums, mint mouthwashes and other products just to temporarily cure  bad breath.

Why don't you just cure it permanently instead of using temporary methods which still reminds you of what's wrong.

Bad breathe can be so embarrassing, it makes people lack confidence.

Just imagine your crush walking up to you for the first time and coming very close to ask a question and you can't just reply or talk well. Even when it is not your crush coming to you, maybe just a stranger, your boss, friend, teacher, parents etc coming to you to associate with you but you can't express yourself well. When you are asked a question, you won't want to answer, you will just be shaking your head.

Don't worry, we have home remedies that can cure bad breathe permanently.

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Get a few cloves and chew them. Make sure they are completely spread into your mouth.
Chew this daily to  get rid of bad breath within a few minutes.Apply this remedy twice a day for better results.

Another method:
Get a cup and fill it with water, add in one teaspoon of lemon juice into it.Mix both the ingredients together and rinse your mouth with it.Apply this remedy every morning to completely get rid of bad breath.

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