Use onion this way in 2021 and the result will surprise you


We all know that onion is used for food. There are other things you can use onion for and only few people know this. Onion is one of the best things to use for your hair as it promotes hair growth. 

In today's tutorial, we are going to be having a challenge with onion. We all have onion at home and if you don't have, you can get one after reading this post so that you can be a participant.


We will start the challenge this night so before you go to bed today: 

Get Red Onions, cut it into two and cover each under your feet and use something to hold it tight.

What can i use to hold it tight? 

You can use tight socks.

Try it and make sure you leave it there overnight.

Why should I try this challenge and what is the benefit of using onion this way?

When you try it this night, you will see the clear difference. It is something you should try. 

If you don't know what onion can do for you, i will tell you now.

 The onions will absorb all the toxins in your body and onion is also very good as it is known

To cure some underlying ailments that are not even showing any symptom.

After trying this method, what should i do to it in the morning?

I need to tell you this aspect. You can't just be carrying onions all day (When you want to cook, eat, wash etc.) No, you don't have to  carry it about.

So what should I do?

Dispose the onions in the morning. 

what are the things I should not do?

Please, after following this method do not eat it.

Be a participant in today's challenge and tell us how you feel tomorrow.

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