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Bitter kola( Garcinia kola) + Garlic + Ginger + Honey(optional)


Grate 5 bitter kolas, 5 slices of garlic, a piece of ginger. Put everything in a container to be filled with 1 liter of water to keep cool.

Check the health benefits below

1. Treatment of Infection

Garlic Ginger Tea with Honey and bitter kola is very effective in the treatment of infecti0ns caused by h#rmful bacteria and viruses. Scientific studies conducted on the properties of these herbs showed that in synergy, it is a powerful herbal remedy that can treat various forms of infection.

Garlic is a powerful spices that help protect against infections caused by harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses, ginger has powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in fighting against common bacteria and infections while honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which also fight and prevents infections.

 Aid Weight Loss


Ginger Garlic and Honey has Anti-obesity properties and belong to the most helpful products for weight loss. They are known to increase the absorption of the nutritious ingredients, stimulate digestion, boost metabolism.

Studies shows that Gingerols present in ginger has an Anti-obesity effect on the body. Also a particular type of c@ffeine found in ginger helps in digestion and curbing of appetite.

Garlic and Ginger can increase body temperature thereby boosting metabolism and calorie-burn.

 Improves Heart Health

Garlic Ginger with Honey has been shown to normalize bl00d pressure a major risk factor for heart disease. What is the most important in using the mixture for fighting heart issues are the antioxidant properties of the ginger. This ingredient is known to include lipids which derive from fatty acids.

Scientific studies shows that garlic may have positive effects on heart health by preventing cell damage, regulating cholesterol and lowering blood pressure thereby, lowering the risk of heart disease.

A review shows that honey also help lower blood pressure, improve blood fat levels, regulate your heartbeat, and prevent the death of healthy cells.

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