We no dey hide update oh,Everywoman needs this❤️

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We no dey hide update oh,Everywoman needs this❤️ 

Get the quantity of all items as seen in the picture,wash all items thoroughly,then you put all in a pot,but before putting in a cooking pot,you have to peel the back of the ginger,add it into the pot along side with the inside of ginger(make sure to chop it into pieces), add your clove and uda inside the pot too, then you cut your adien fruit into three,add it inside the pot,add your chopped tumeric into the pot,also add your chopped lime into the pot, after adding all the ingredients into the pot,add enough water that will cover all ingredients up,then set it to cook on a low hit in your gas,cook for 30 mins then you bring it down,seive out the water from the ingredients the next day after warming it,then store in your fridge,to be taken half glass cup morning and night before meal.

This recipe works for sweet in the middle,

It keeps your p$$sy fresh as never before and juicy.

It also helps you reduce belly fat if you avoid unhealthy eating.

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