Tofu recipe



 2 Cups of Soya Beans (For home consumption). 

 3 teaspoon of lemon/lime juice or 1 cup of sieved pap water. 



 Soak the soya beans in water for at least 6 hours or soak over night.

 Blend into a smooth paste. Add little water to the paste to make it easy to sieve.

 Sieve out the chaffs of the soya beans with a cheese cloth.

 Pour the sieved milk inside a pot and bring to boil.

 When it's boiling, add the lime or lemon juice or water from sieved pap. The addition of this will make the soya milk coagulate (form into lumps).

 Bring down the pot from the stove/gas when the water totally separates from the coagulated milk.

 Sieve the water out with a cheese cloth. Allow the water to drain properly.

 At this point, some people usually add spices - like seasoning cubes, diced onions and pepper. If you don't want it spiced, just add a little salt to taste. 

 Bring out your well drained tofu from the cheese cloth. Cut into desired shapes and sizes. 

 You can fry or roast your tofu - depending on your preference. As shared on Facebook. 

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