Full story: clove challenge take cloves and this will happen


Cloves are contains very strong properties, that's why it can cure different sickness.

Benefits of eating clove a day

1cloves cure infections: research have shown that cloves have strong properties that fights against infection . If you are battling with serious infection,you can eat two cloves a day. 

2; they strengthen immune systems.: Cloves help to strengthen our immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells ,it also contains vitamin c

3) they aid digestion;

Cloves can help in digestion problems,the best way to treat digestive problems with cloves is to consume them in powder form or honey-roasted.

4) They can relieve toothache :

Cloves also has anesthetic properties. If you have a toothache, place a clove on the tooth to remove the discomfort until you reach the dentist.

5) They reduce pain and inflammation in the body

Eugenol also gives the cloves its anti-inflammatory properties. One way to take advantage of this is to use this spice as a headache remedy.

You can do this in two ways: consume them or use them topically. If you prefer to consume them, mix cloves powder and rock salt with a glass of milk and drink it to ease the headache.

7) They Are Good For Bones And Joints

Cloves contain elements like flavonols, manganese, and eugenol that promote healthy bones and joints.

8) They are antibacterial properties: this natural mouthwash can improve gum health and reduce the number of bacteria and plaque in the mouth after using it for just 21 days. Source: Facebook 

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