Why do most girls take this before visiting their boyfriends..?? Come and learn oo oh


Welcome to another tutorial! 

In this tutorial I will show you what Okro does to your body as a woman. Okro has so many benefits that a lot of people don't know.

With Okro, No more dry v@g!na.  If you try Okro juice, your husband will experience great pleasure. It is an easy and effective way to boost your 0vulation. Drink this, stay juicy in bed. Your husband will not look at anyone. You will also Get w e t fast! 

The truth is there are many ways you can use okro to boost 0vulation. Yes! It depends on the one you wish to try. 

Some ladies make it as soup using the okro and the leaves.

But do you want to know the best way to do it?

The best way is to cut about 5 pieces of okro in water. 

Go to the market, buy Okro and wash it well before using. 

soak it with cold water overnight and drink in the morning . You are to separate the Okro from the water. Yes! Drink the water first thing in the morning on empty stomach. 

Do this after your period and repeat for 2 to 3 nights.

I know a lot of people have one question or the other. See the common questions and their answers below. 

What if I don't know Okro? 

For those that don't know what Okro is, see the picture below. 

Where can I get this Okro you are talking about? 

You can get it in the market. It is very popular. 

When is the right time to drink Okro water? 

After period

Like how many days can I use it

2-3 days.

Is it that same Okro you will use for 2-3 days? NO

It is believed that okro also helps to Conceive by God's grace. 

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