Avoid snakes! In today's tutorial I will show you an effective way to get rid of snakes in your toilet. You will also see how snakes can get to your toilet. A lot of people are really scared to use their toilet because of snakes. 

Before you use your toilet always check it: No matter how urgent you need to use that toilet, please check it before you use it.

And for those that are fond of waking up in midnight and going to the toilet without touch light or lamp please stop it. Always go to the toilet with light so that you can see everywhere and check your toilet well before using it. 

To avoid seeing snakes in your water closet, always make sure that your house is clean. Do everything to prevent snakes. If you have overgrown grasses in your house, this is the time to clear them and stop leaving overgrown grasses in your house if you truly want to prevent snakes. Clear all bushes around your house. 

Another way to avoid snakes is to fumigate your sewage system. This will get rid of dangerous reptiles. 

Make sure you always cover your septic tank. 

Repair all broken pipes now if you have one.  Always make sure you check Everytime to see if you have broken pipes. Once discovered, fix them immediately. 

Another important thing is that you should always check if there are holes or cracks which can give access to snakes. If you notice such, fix them without wasting time. 

Make sure you close all windows and doors of your toilet to avoid snakes and this is also very important: when you use your toilet, always make sure that you close the toilet lids.

Always flush and cover the toilet sit after use.


Have you been looking for ways to get rid of snakes? You are at the right place. 

To get rid of snakes you need to get the following- 2cups of Dried corn

And  4cups of Dried bitter kola

To use this home remedy, The first thing you need to do is to 

Grind the two and mix together well, sprey it around fence and areas you know they can hide,and they won’t near again.

If you want to use this method kindly know that if they are inside already be careful how you sprey because they can jump out for fear of death.