This secret recipe will destroy all bedbugs in your mattress


Bed bug will Never disturb your bed again only if you do this: 

Bed bug is a common problem that disturb a lot of people. When there is bed bug on your bed, you won't be able to sleep on such bed and this has made a lot of people worried especially those that don't have enough money to buy another bed. 

In this article I will sure you a way to get rid of it. Before I should you how to get rid of it, I want to help you with this tip which can help you to prevent it from coming again. If you are the type that always travel or you just travelled, make sure you wash your clothes with warm water when you get home. Don't just get home and drop it on your bed for days. No! 

Now, let's move to how to get rid of bed bug: 

Get the following: clove, dried lemon grass, thyme, camphor

Now let's move to the procedures which will show you how to use the items listed above:  The first thing you need to do is to Grind or crush the clove to powder, grind or crush the lemongrass to powder, get your powdered thyme ready, grind your camphor. 

After doing that, now fill all powder in a Spray can and fill water allow to soak for two days. 

Now,  Spray in all hidden places around your room and more on a mattress.

Yes!  repeat spraying two days interval and before the third one, you will not notice them again.

They don't disturb you again.

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