Home remedy to Tooth pain

 In today's tutorial I will show you the home remedy for tooth pain. This is what a lot of people are going through and have been looking for the solution. Worry no more. The answer is here. 

You don't have to remove the  affected tooth

What I want to show you today is a tested and trusted permanent Solution and this has been confirmed to be working by thousands of people who had tooth pain. 

What they used which you should also try is ALUM. Yes! 

For those that don't know how to get it, you can go to food markets and ask for alum. They will sell it to you.

Now let's move to how to use it: 

When you finish eating dinner, you should brush your teeth with normal tooth paste, take a piece of ALUM and put it directly to the affected tooth, close your mouth and not swallow your spit because the spit in your mouth is what is going to react with ALUM.

 After about 10-15minutes, remove the first spit and do it again. 

After doing that, the next time to do it again is before breakfast,  put a small quantity of the alum at the affected part of the teeth, hold it tight and gaggle the saliva for 10- 15 minutes before spitting it out.

After you must have done this, the next time to do it is after eating breakfast. 

The pain will reduce fast and start disappearing

. Repeat this method for five days and thank me later. 

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