Know this about Chicken poo on Egg- An eye opener!

 In today's article I will open your eyes to what you need to know about chicken poo on eggs . 

You need to be careful of Chicken poo on eggs. If you notice these poo on your eggs and you don't remove it, they can actually affect your egg when you are cooking it. Yes! They will contaminate the egg you are about to eat and what happens after this contamination? It can lead to diseases.

 Yes!  You might be wondering what kind of diseases. A lot of people don't know this and some have not been paying attention to it. This is the time to read and learn from this post. 

It can lead to diseases like Salmonella and other diseases which are caused by little germs that can be found in poo of chickens which sometimes are left on the eggs.

I know you are wondering what you should do when you see it on your eggs. I will surely tell you. Glad you are learning something today. 

Yes! You should dip the egg into warm water to flake off  the poo. 

A lot of people have been buying eggs and they noticed the poo but ignored it thinking it is meant to be on the eggs and they can just cook it like that. Some don't even find ways to get rid of the poo. They just boil the egg, fry or use it for other purpose like that. 

You need to know that just by even holding egg with poo on the shell and now use that  same hand to touch other foods can also lead to contamination of those diseases. 

Some people don't even watch their hands before eating. Some would have touched many things they didn't even pay attention to, some even use toilet without washing their hands, they do all sorts of things with their hands and use that same hand to eat without washing. Please, stop it. 

Make sure you wash your hand thoroughly after handling egg shell with poo or no poo before touching other foods.

Another thing you can do is that You can add salt to hot water to clean the poo well.

Let me open your eyes to this: most of all these contaminations happen when you fry the eggs. It also happen when you mix the raw egg while cooking.

Glad you learnt something today. Feel free to share to your family and friends. They really need to know this. You might save someone. Yes! Feel free to also check more posts on our blog. You have a lot to learn. Trust me! Let's open your eyes to things you never knew.

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