Do this first day of the year and this will happen

 Yes! You read the title well. 

Very Powerful! Do this first day of the year and watch what will happen to you throughout year 2022


Today I will be showing you important prayer points for the new year. Pray this prayer first day of the year.

As we enter the new year, 

Start by singing  praise and worship songs. God has been so faithful. A lot of people wish to see this new year but they are no more. A lot of people died through accident, sickness and many more. But you are here today, alive. It is not by your doing. It is the grace of God that kept you.  Worship him, thank him, sing praise and worship. Thank him for everything he has done for you and your family. For protecting you, for providing for you despite everything that has been happening in the country. Worship him. 

After that, ask for forgiveness of sins. We have all sinned knowingly or unknowingly. 

Make sure you  forgive all those that offended you. Also pray that those you offended will forgive you. Yes, there are times we offend people without knowing. 

Now pray these prayers: 

God, I thank you for your goodness and wonderful works in my life and the life of my family members in the year 2021.

Thank you for making Me and my family to see this new year.

 Thank you for your Grace, Mercy, Love, Favour. 

Please, walk with me throughout year 2022.  

I recover and regain everything I have lost in Jesus' name. 

God,  let every closed door of success be opened unto me this new year in Jesus name.

  Bless the work of my hands richly this year and crown all my efforts this year with success in Jesus name. 

People will gather to celebrate with me this year 2022 in Jesus name.

 Arise and disgrace every power that wants to challenge you in all areas of my life in the year 2022.

 I destroy every spirit and forces that is delaying my manifestation in Jesus' Name.

Henceforth, no power is permitted to delay me  in Jesus Name.

I destroy every generational curses affecting me