Why is this baby plumpier than mine

 In today's post, I am going to open your eyes to what a lot of mothers don't know. 

Check this picture below

You need to know that these two babies below are healthy. Yes! They are exclusively breastfeeding. 

Neither of the babies is obese or undernourished. Yes! Let me tell you this because this is where a lot of people make mistake. When some mothers notice their baby is like this, they start getting worried and thinking of why Another woman's baby is  plumpier than their own baby. 

You need to know that they are just variations of normality!  

Most likely, when they start crawling, the one on the top might likely will slim down a little and the one down will gain muscle mass. 

You don't have to compare your child to other children Everytime. What is important is that your baby is healthy!

Glad you learnt something today.