How to make tea at home


Do you like TEA?
let me teach you how to make your own TEA.

It is very easy!

    This is an opportunity for you to learn how to make TEA at the comfort of your home.

What do you need?
* Cocoa powder (300g)
Icing sugar (250g)
* Milk flavouring powder 250g

*120g of Powder milk

*1 Egg white (Yes, egg white)

How do I make it?
Now that you have your ingredients ready:

Get a dry bowl and make sure it is dry and clean.

Have you done that?

Pour your cocoa powder, the Icing sugar and mix very well.

Now  add ur milk flavouring powder, the powder milk and mix...break ur egg remove d yolk,  use only d white  and mix everything together .

Mix it till they blend very well. Now make sure your hand is clean, use it to mix.

After doing that, put it in oven to dry very well.

When you have done that, check it.
You  will discover that it is done in the next 11- 15mins.

Ensure you pour in d powder milk before d egg white

Do you love Milo?


    If you want to do Milo too,  use the same method  I just taught you just that  the powder milk should be much than the cocoa powder.

That's all

Follow the procedure and you have your Milo