How to make your hair soft and easy to comb

 How to make your hair very soft and easy to comb.

This tutorial I want to show you today is really going to be helpful to those having strong hair that is hard to comb. Having a stubborn hair can be frustrating. You can't easily comb your hair anytime you want. Before you can comb your hair, you need to spend time in front of the mirror trying to cut your hair into segments so that it can be easy to comb. It is not even about the time you are spending that is the issue even though it is part of the issues, the one people don't like is the fact that it is always painful when you try to comb it. I have seen a lot of beautiful children with long hair but their parents had no choice than to cut it because of their stubborn and Strong hair. They can no longer bear the pain of seeing their children cry when mummy is trying to comb their hair. You will see some small children crying and saying ' mummy please' 😭😭😭

'mummy, stop' ' is painful' 'Yeeee' 

Even adults don't like keeping stubborn hair. It is always painful to comb. You will just be squeezing your face and trying to comb it. You will even feel the pain! 

In case you have been looking for how to make your hair soft, I will show you the home remedy to use for it.

You need to get the following  ingredients: 

1 ..........egg

1tsp.......... castor oil

1 ........ripe avocado pear

 2 .........tsp honey 

2 ......ripe bananas and finally 

1 ........Fresh onions.

Step by step procedures:

The first thing you need to do is to blend all the ingredients  I mentioned above together . After blending everything together, make sure you mix thoroughly. Some people might start wondering what they can use to mix it well. You can use electric mixer.

You know that I won't teach you something without showing you how to use it so I will surely show you how to use it. 

Now, how to use it: 

If you want to use it, try to divide your hair into smaller parts.  Once you divide it you are good to go, apply the hair mask on the scalp  which is the  root of hair. You can also put it on the hair length.

After applying it on your hair, you can cover it with plastic cap and put on your hair Bonnet. After doing this, allow it to sit for 28- 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Wash with cold water and shampoo your Hair.

If you notice that your hair was damaged because of relaxer or because of the chemicals you used on your hair you can try this home remedy every week