Easy way to make soya milk drink

 Let me show you how to make soya milk drink yourself at home with this easy method. 

  SOYA MILK DRINK FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT AT HOME. To make this, you need the following ingredients:

SOYA bean_ 4 cups

Powder milk_ 50g

Sugar_ half cup

Vanilla flavor

Ginger or Garlic (optional)

Now that you know the ingredients, let's move to the step by step explanatory procedures. The first step is to Soak 4 cups of soya bean over night with warm water for at least 5 hours. The next step is to peel off the the skin and grind the soya bean with the garlic/ginger or you can blend it with water.

After doing that, use a clean cloth to sieve out the milk and now, transfer in a cooking pot on a high flame. Make sure you stir per second. 

Now, Add sugar, powder milk , vanilla flavor. 

The next step is to stir continuously until you notice that it is thick.

Now, remove from the heat. 

you can store in a refrigerator before drinking.

Very easy right? Yes! 💃💃💃