Cleaning your vagina after your period is over

 In today's article I am going to expose you to things you need to know on CLEANING YOUR V@G IN A AFTER MENSTRUATING.

Some ladies don't know how to take care of their vagina. They don't know the DO'S AND DON'TS.

  I am glad you are reading this post as this article is truly an eye opener. 

To make sure your vagina is healthy and free from infection, follow these tips on how to take care of your vagina. 

When you are done with your period for the month, you should get rid of any spotting blood or vaginal discharge. This will help you avoid any vaginal infections.

More tips to help you: 
As a lady, you need to keep your vagina clean. You should wash your vagina with normal water at least more than once, in a day. 

When you use the toilet, you might perceive odour so Make sure you use Clean water.

Some ladies wash their V spot with soap to make it look neat and to prevent Odour. Some even spray perfume on their Vagina just to make it smell nice. Please, stop it! Stop it now. 

 Making use of soaps will only irritate that spot and cause you problems.
Your Vagina doesn’t need perfume to smell good.  Don’t spray perfume around your VAGINA.

Another thing is Leaving Too Much Hair Around The Vagina: A lot of ladies are guilty of this. It Is Not good.  You should try to shave it  and  make it clean.

You need to know that when you leave hair around it, The hair is part of what brings out Odour. For those that don't like shaving everything for reasons known to them, you can trim it very low.

Ladies, please change your underpants. Some ladies  wear one underpant for the whole day or even two but for health reasons pls change your underpants at least twice  a day to prevent odour.

Another important thing is that most ladies notice bad odour during period. When you are on your period, make sure you change your pad at least every four hours. You can take note of the time you wore it, take note of the last time you changed it. You can also set alarm to remind you. Wearing pad for too long without changing it causes bad Odour. 
If you have been wondering why you have bad odour especially during your period then you should think of your pad. 
Change it every four hours and you will surprised that the odour has gone. 

To prevent Odour during your period, try to wash your vulva  twice a day and please, don't use soap.  Don't use spray and perfume. 

And if you notice that you always sweat during your period, try to wear underwear made of natural fabrics.

You need to know that The longer they stay, the faster the bacteria on them will breed, causing potential infections.