Side Effect of Wearing heels 😱😱😱

 Side Effect of Wearing heels 😱😱😱

Read this article to see the side effect of wearing heels Everytime, everyday. 

Some people can't do without wearing heels, they wear heels from morning till evening everyday. Some have gotten used to it that they no longer like sandals and shoes. They tend to feel somehow when they don't wear their heels.

Before you think of wearing heels everyday, Everytime you need to know that These X-Ray pictures show how you exert great pressure on the bones of your feet when you wear steep high heels.

Wearing them too often can increase your risk of pain, blisters, bone degeneration, and osteoarthritis.

You also need to know that The joints in your knees or foot can become arthritic if you wear high heels too much.

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The reason is that while standing or walking, the pressure and imbalance caused by the heels can make the cartilage in your knee and foot joints to wear down over time.

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