Secret of palm oil revealed


STRETCH MARKS REMOVAL: For those looking for an effective way to get rid of stretch marks, this is one of the best things to use. 

The fastest way to get rid of stretch marks is by mixing palm oil and ash. Mix and apply on the affected area. Leave it for one hour or more before washing off.

Do it repeatedly till it dissappears. This home remedy 

Is very active and I am sure that  you will come back here to testify. It will work for you. It has helped many ladies and they are glad I showed them this secret. 

Some have even spent money on many things not knowing that the solution is in Palm oil. Something they even have at home. 

There are many other things you can use Palm oil for. Palm oil is very good. Few of its benefit is that: 

Palm Oil restores hydration to dry skin. lt prevent dryness by sealing in moisture.

Very very good for sensitive skin

Clears eczema

Clears stretch marks

Wrinkles (anti aging)

palm oil is also a good skin moisturizer

promotes smoother and neat skin

Now if your skin is this dry, use red oil,spa salt and honey to exfoliate your skin, u can exclude honey then after you wash it off you can use either palm oil as moisturizer or use glycerin mixed with vitamin e oil.

For face remedy, either pimples or sunburn etc

Palm oil,lemon, sugar and honey ( pimple)

Palm oil and honey ( sunburn)

Tested and trusted

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