How to overcome depression


HOW TO OVERCOME DEPRESSION: I will enlighten you on how to overcome depression, things you can do which can help you stay happy and become a better person.  

        If you want to overcome depression, one thing you need to understand is that you have to stop thinking about your past. Please, let your past be your past, stop living in the past. You can't continue to think about that bad thing that has happened to you. You need to move on. You need to focus on the future. Your future is bright and better.

      Some of you look at some successful people and you start thinking and you get worried that why are you not like them. The truth is some of them faced challenges in life before getting to where they are right now. You won't know if they don't tell you. If they can be the successful then you too can. Don't give up on yourself. Leave your past and focus on how you can be better. Focus on how you can be someone's role model. 

    Another thing you need to do is to remove anything that hurt you, take away things and people that bring pain to you. If you notice that a particular person doesn't make you happy or doesn't give you joy, you need to stop hurting yourself. Meet and spend time with people who love to see you smile always and happy. Life is too short to be sad. Life is too short to allow someone take away your joy.  

       If you are depressed because someone hurt you or you are sad because you regret not doing something, or you actually regret doing something to yourself then you need to forgive. Without forgiveness, you can't have peace of mind because you will continue to hold on to what someone has done to you or what you have done to yourself.  You need to forgive to overcome depression. 

    Another thing is that you need to be prayerful. You need Grace, you need mercy and you need favour. Try to spend more time with God. There is Joy in the presence of the Lord. 

     Always try to laugh and smile. Spend time in things you love. If you love music, always listen to music that brings peace and joy to you. Don't listen to music that won't make you heal fast, don't listen to song that will make you remember your past and bring tears to your face. Listen to good music that will make you dance, happy and good. If it is movies you love then feel free to watch movies, you can spend time watching movies of your choice. Thank God we have a lot of comedians now. You can watch what will bring joy to you and if it game you love, you can spend time playing it. 

     You deserve the best in life, your future is bright. Don't give anyone the power to make you sad. You are your own happiness and you deserve the best. 

Guess what? You are specially and wonderfully made! 

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