How to make yogurt at home

 Home Made Yogurt Recipe (Very Easy method) 

How to make yogurt at home

Learn how to make Yogurt at home with these easy steps. If you are a lover of  Yogurt, with this tutorial you can now make Yogurt  anytime you want. 

To make your own Yogurt, get the following ingredient:


Full cream milk

Greek yogurt



Cold water and

Warm water

Now, let's move to the step by step explanatory procedures. 

The first thing you need to do is to take 

3 cups of milk, 3 cups of cold water and mix it together. 

Mix it together? You might start wondering what you can use to mix it together. 

Use whisk

After mixing it together, the next step is for you to  seive it because there might be some lumps of milk.

I hope you got that 

After that, You can now add warm water (3 cups of it) and mix with your  whisk.

After that, add 3 table spoon of greek yogurt (unsweetened) and now Mix together with whisk.

Then cover it  well by making use of   blanket (thick one) and put it inside a warm place for hours (like 15 hours) 

After 15 hours, go back to what you have done  💃💃💃💃

Easy to make right? 

 IF you notice that you have water under it, you can at this stage seive it out.

Now, cut some out and keep it to make use of it next time. 

The next thing to do is to whisk what is remaining and now add 1 cup of sugar and the particular flavor you  want .

If you are the type that want to use this as a business, you can think of it.

 First of all, study your environment. Do you stay in a place where people can easily patronize you? In an environment where you have yogurt lovers? Or where you have children going to school or a place where they sell snacks.

If it is a place where they sell snacks, you can easily go there and sell your Yoghurt. Not only snacks, a place where they sell other things too  that you can take with yogurt. Or a place where people can take it even without eating snacks or biscuit.

As children are eating snacks, they might love to also take youghurt or Zobo. If you can make these two then you can make both. Those that don't want yogurt will surely go for zobo. 

Cold Zobo and meatpie during break for the children. You will really make a lot of profit. For those that don't know how to make Zobo, I will post the tutorial very soon.

You can check my previous post, I have taught a lot. You have a lot to learn.

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