How to make butt enlargement oil

   In today's tutorial, I am going to show you how to increase your butt naturally.

I have seen a lot of ladies post in groups asking for home remedies and ways to increase their butt naturally without side effect. 

There are many reasons why ladies look for ways to increase their butt. I know of someone that wants to increase her butt because her clothes don't look smart when she wears them. There are some styles she saw online that she really fell in love with but when she considers her shape, she just give up. She doesn't want the case of 'What I ordered for vs what I got' . Her breast isn't big and she has small butt that is why she is looking for how to increase her butt.

So we have many reasons why ladies look for how to increase their butt.

 Some ladies  while looking for how to have big butt have gone through many things. 

Worry no more, follow these steps I am about to teach you. Get the following


1 cup of yoghurt

10 vitamin e capsules (from pharmacy)

Or 1 tablespoon of organic vitamin e

100ml of olive oil

-2 1/2 tablespoons of fenugreek seed

Now, let's move to the step by step procedures.

The first thing you need to do is to grind your fenugreek seeds into powder form and pour into the olive oil you bought.

When you are doing this, make sure your  olive oil is in a tight container like bottle and cover it. 

After covering it, you can now place  it on your window side for a week.Not directly to sunlight.

Make sure you shake it every 2-days.

Then, when you get to the 7th day, you can now extract the oil with a sieve.

Pour it in your vitamin E and stir it.

After doing this, add 2tbs of olive oil and stir your mixture.

Then pour it into your bottle.

How to use it: 

If you want to use it, you should apply it in the  morning and at night. Dont forget to shake it before you use it.

Apply yoghurt on your butt for 4-10 minutes and wash off then apply your own.

You can also check out another way of increasing your butt. 

This is another method. Get the following ingredients: 

Maca seeds

Fennel seeds

cummin seeds

Fenugreek seed

Now, let's move to the step by step explanatory procedures: The first thing you need to do is to blend all seeds into a powder form and put one teaspoon of each of the powders into a freshly boiled water. Then steep it for 14-30mins 

Know that the longer you steep the higher the benefit.

After following the above step, you can now add honey to taste. You should also know that you can take it without honey.

So, take one teaspoon of each of the powders and  add olive oil and almond oil to form a paste.

Rub and massage on your butts for 14-15mins and leave it overnight.

Hope you learnt something. Don't forget to check my previous post. I have taught a lot on stretch marks, belly fat, pimples and more

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