Best way to whiten your teeth


In today's tutorial, I will show you the best way to whiten your teeth. A lot of people have been asking if they can use Ginger and salt to whiten teeth.

 If you want to know how to whiten your teeth then you are at the right place. A lot of people complain about their teeth.. maybe about the colour, size or maybe how it is arranged. Trust me, I Know how it is when you have colored teeth. You will be shy to open your teeth. Even if you want to laugh, you will just be conscious of people around you. It is always worse when you have friends or people that make jest of you. When you are talking, people mostly look at your teeth or mouth if they are not looking at your face.

Why don't you just try this  tested and trusted homeremedy and start shining teeth in all your pictures.

Let's get started: To whiten your teeth you need the following: 
Tooth brush and 

Now, let's move to the procedures: 
To whiten your teeth the first thing you need to do is to get the ginger you bought and crush it. After doing that, you can now add a little salt and few drop of water but if you discover that the ginger already have adequate water from it then you don't need to add water again. Just use the tooth brush and work on your teeth.

You can  repeat four days later and you will surely see changes. 

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