How to grow your hair fast: See the best food to give your hair to make it grow fast

 Give your hair the right food for it to grow. We all love long hair. Having long and full hair makes you more beautiful and you can do any hairstyle of your choice but when you don't have front hair, you will be scared to do some hairstyles and you will just be doing hairstyles that won't cut the little you have. You won't be able to really do edges on fleek except you want to use gel to slay the one you have. 

In today's post, I will be showing you how to make your hair long and also cure dandruff. 
Shea butter
Aloe vera
Coconut oil


 Grate and squeeze your onions and get the juice

Use the aloevera you bought and scrap the gel

Melt the sheabutter and add coconut oil

Add the onions juice and aloevera to Shea butter and coconut oil and fry it on a low heat for  4-5 mins

 Leave it to cool and pour into a hair oil container.

Put it inside the fridge for 1hour before removing it

Your cream for hair is ready, it makes the hair grow and soft.

This is another method to make your hair grow:

Here, Guava leave is very powerful and good for your hair. I am serious about it.
If you want a long hair, use it.

What you need to do is  to boil a handful of guava leaves in water for 19-20 minutes and  allow the mixture to cool down.

Use it to massage your scalp.

After doing that, leave it on for a  hours then wash your hair.

 Massage the scalp before you go to bed and leave the mixture to work overnight.

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