How to fix a spoilt and sour soup

 I have seen a lot of people who are interested in learning how to fix a spoilt soup.

Imagine after spending huge money or after spending your last cash to cook food and maybe you cooked food that  should take you for 2 days or 3 days and all of a sudden you discover that the food got spoilt the next day. You might start looking for the solution.

Worry no more. Let me show you what to do. Did you cook any soup and the soup is already having another taste and it is no longer fresh? What you need to do is to place that soup on fire and add just a piece of charcoal. Put a piece of charcoal in that food that got spoilt. If you do that, the charcoal you kept in that soup will help you to remove the bad taste and when you eat it, you will love your food again.

I need to tell you this, it is very important. If you don't want your soup to get spoilt Everytime, do not put a spoon into your pot of soup when it is not hot, on the heat or still steaming. 

You might have been putting spoon and it didn't get spoilt. You have been lucky. You need to stop putting it. You might cook a special soup and you will forget or leave  spoon in it and you won't like the result.

Hope you learnt something. Feel free to check my previous posts. I have taught a lot. 

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