Having pimples can be so annoying. You will just wakeup one day to look at your face and you will be disappointed to see pimples or some spots on your face. It becomes more annoying when you see it at the time you are preparing to do video call😂 or when you are about to snap picture with the caption ' Beautiful me' or 'Fine girl, no pimples' 'Natural me' 'Early morning selfie' and you now check your face only to start seeing unwanted things. 

Worry no more, in this post you will learn new things. Let me show you how to get rid of pimples and dark spots. Get these ingredients: 

 1 big African black soap

 1-2 lemon

4 tablespoon tumeric

4 tablespoon cinnamon

4 tablespoon powdered milk

 4 tablespoon honey

Follow these procedures: 

The first thing you need to do is to  cut the  black soap you bought  into pieces and After doing that, pour it in a bowl and add hot water to make sure it melt.

After doing all that, the next thing you will do is to cut  lemon and after cutting it, squeeze the juice out  in a bowl.

Now, pour lemon juice in the liquid black soap and mix it very well.

Now, add honey.

 Now, Add powdered ingredients -- cinnamon,tumeric, powdered milk. 

 Mix the ingredients well at this stage.

 Pour everything into any container you want to use for it and you are done!!! 

 How will I use what I have done? 

*Use the liquid soap to bath

* wash your face every day.

Now that you have learnt that, let's look at how to make African black SOAP for hair: you can use this soap to wash your hair. The ingredients you need is below: 

100g of black soap

Warm water

2tbsp of jojoba oil

1tbsp of vegetable glycerin

1tbsp of honey

2tsp of avocado oil

10 drops of vitamin E oil

Essential oil : lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, rosemary essential oil or anyone you want. 

1tbsp of aloe vera juice

Now, let's move to the step by step procedures. 

Take a bowl. 

Cut the black soap into tiny pieces

 Pour warm water  it into the bowl  , le it be the same level with the  black soap pieces you have. Although you need to know how light it thick you want your result to be.

Now,  pour your oils to it and mix it together 

After doing this, cover the bowl you are using. 

Check it every 28-30 minutes to mix it well again till you notice that the black soap is dissolved. 

When the black soap dissolve finally, mix it well and pour it in your container meant for shampoo.

And yes!!!!! You are done!

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