Secret of Long and thick hair revealed

A lot of ladies don't like opening their wig in public because they don't like how their hair is. They make sure they protect the wig well and prevent it from falling to avoid embarrassment. Some don't like removing their wig Because of their edges. Some even feel shy to remove it in front of their boyfriends. Is your own hair making you sad when you see the 3 years or 2 months hair challenge of some people and you wonder why yours isn't growing. You are even tired of asking people ' Which Hair cream do you use?

Some don't even like the length of their hair, if they do all back hardly will you see where their hair is reaching and if you end up seeing it, it will be so small unlike people with long hair that their hair usually reach their back/neck. 

Worry no more dear. In Today's tutorial, I will show you many ways that can make your grow and also achieve your hair goals. You can choose anyone that you can easily find the ingredients in your area.

1. Grow your hair with Ginger and oil

*1 Ginger 

* 1 Egg 

How? Extract the ginger juice and also extract the egg white. After doing this, add to ginger juice and make sure you mix it very well. Apply on your hair and cover your hair with shower cap.

* leave it over night and  rinse

How often should i do this?

Two times in a week till you achieve your hair goals

2. Hair growth oil

You need:

Coconut oil

Aloevera plant and

Onion juice


1. Wash your Aloevera plant and slice into pieces After washing.

2. Take a pan and Add a cup of coconut oil , add the diced Aloevera plant and make sure you put it on a low heat.

3.Heat for 5 - 6 minutes  until you have seen that the colour of the Aloevera has changed.

4. Now, Extract the juice from the onion and combine the oil to the juice.

5. Apply this oil to your hair strand and your scalp too.

6. Leave it for 43- 45 minutes or as long as you want. Why? This is for  your hair to absorb the oil

7. Wash off with shampoo and

8. Apply your leave in conditioner.

Number 3 method: Make your Hair grow with this :

2 Tablespoons shea butter

1 Tablespoon coconut oil

½ Tablespoon olive oil

1 Tablespoon Castor oil (optional)

½ Tablespoon pure aloe vera gel


Pour some amount of coconut oil and shea butter in a cup melt in the microwave or a double boiler and mix together.

After doing this, Add your olive oil and natural aloe vera gel, stir  and make sure you mix it very well . After mixing, Add Vitamin E.

Now, transfer it into a container and cover tightly with a lid.

You can refrigerate or leave it in a cool place overnight for it to be solid

Bring it out the next day and allow it come to normal room temperature before you start to use  it.

Use it for a month and watch your hair grow. 

Thanks for reading